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Description 2-amino-4-oxopentanoate thiolase
Alternative names AKPT;
AKP thiolase;
2-amino-4-ketopentanoate thiolase
Catalyzed reaction acetyl-CoA + D-alanine = CoA + (2R)-2-amino-4-oxopentanoate
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments A pyridoxal 5'-phosphate enzyme. The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Clostridium sticklandii, is part of a degradation pathway of ornithine. It is specific for acetyl-CoA and D-alanine
Organisms -Eubacteria

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 Fonknechten N1, Perret A, Perchat N, Tricot S, Lechaplais C, Vallenet D, Vergne C, Zaparucha A, Le Paslier D, Weissenbach J, Salanoubat M (2009) A conserved gene cluster rules anaerobic oxidative degradation of L-ornithine J Bacteriol 191 3162-7.

 Jeng IM, Somack R, Barker HA. (1974) Ornithine degradation in Clostridium sticklandii; pyridoxal phosphate and coenzyme A dependent thiolytic cleavage of 2-amino-4-ketopentanoate to alanine and acetyl coenzyme A. Biochemistry 13 2898-903.

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