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Description dTDP-3-amino-3,4,6-trideoxy-α-D-glucose transaminase
Alternative names dTDP-3-dehydro-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose aminotransferase;
TDP-3-keto-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose--glutamate aminotransferase;
DesV (gene name);
megDII (gene name);
eryCI (gene name)
Catalyzed reaction dTDP-3-amino-3,4,6-trideoxy-α-D-glucose + 2-oxoglutarate = dTDP-3-dehydro-4,6-deoxy-α-D-glucose + L-glutamate
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments The enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of dTDP-α-D-desosamine, a sugar found in several bacterial macrolide antibiotics including erythromycin, megalomicin A, mycinamicin II, and oleandomycin. The reaction occurs in the reverse direction.
In Streptomyces venezuelae, the enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of macrolide antibiotic. The DesV gene product catalyzes the fifth step in the process (hence the name).

The transamination reaction (shown above) is very similar to that catalyzed by TylB in S. fradiae, and the enzymes are also phylogenetically very close.

Organisms -Eubacteria

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