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Description 3-aminobutanoyl-CoA transaminase
Alternative names acetoacetyl-CoA transaminase;
kat (gene name); pucG (gene name);
Catalyzed reaction 3-aminobutanoyl-CoA + 2-oxoglutarate = acetoacetyl-CoA + L-glutamate
Cofactor Pyridoxal phosphate.
Comments -!- The enzyme, found in bacteria, is part of a L-lysine degradation pathway.
-!- The enzyme is also active with other beta-amino compounds such as 3-amino-5-methylhexanoyl-CoA and 3-amino-3-phenylpropanoyl-CoA.
-!- Characterization of an amminotransferate derived from a metagenome. This enzyme may be used in a variant route for lysine fermentation.
Organisms -Eubacteria
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