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Description dTDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose aminotransferase.
Alternative names Thymidine diphospho-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose transaminase;
Thymidine diphospho-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose-glutamic transaminase;
TDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose transaminase;
Catalyzed reaction dTDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose + 2-oxoglutarate = dTDP-4-dehydro-6-deoxy-D-glucose + L-glutamate.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
The enzyme from E. coli, WecE, uses TDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose (TDP-D-Glc4O) and L-glutamate as a good amino acceptor and donor, respectively, leading to the production of TDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-D-galactose (TDP-Fuc4N).
WecE also transaminated TDP-4-keto 6-deoxy-D-mannose (TDP-D-Man4O), but not GDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-mannose (GDP-D-Man4O, the substrate of perosamine aminotransferase).
Organisms -Eubacteria

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 Hwang, B.-Y.; Lee, H.-J.; Yang, Y.-H.; Joo, H.-S.; Kim, B.-G. (2004) Characterization and investigation of substrate specificity of the sugar aminotransferase WecE from E. coli K12 Chem Biol 211 915-25.

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