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Description 4-aminobutyrate—pyruvate transaminase
Alternative names GABA--pyruvate aminotransferase;
4-aminobutyrate--pyruvate aminotransferase;
Catalyzed reaction (1) 4-aminobutanoate + pyruvate = succinate semialdehyde + L-alanine
(2) 4-aminobutanoate + glyoxylate = succinate semialdehyde + glycine.
Cofactor Pyridoxal phosphate.
Comments The enzyme is found in plants that do not have the 2-oxoglutarate dependent enzyme (cf. EC

The reaction with pyruvate is reversible while the reaction with glyoxylate only takes place in the forward direction.

The sequences are similar to (beta-alanine--pyruvate aminotransferase) and indeed this enzyme, too, is an omega-amino acid--pyruvate aminotransferase.
Organisms -Plants

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 Nora Weber, Marie Gorwa-Grauslund and Magnus Carlquist (2014) Exploiting cell metabolism for biocatalytic whole-cell transamination by recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Applied microbial and cell physiology .

 Christopher P. Trobacher, Shawn M. Clark, Gale G. Bozzo, Robert T. Mullen, Jennifer R. DeEll, Barry J. Shelp (2012) Catabolism of GABA in apple fruit: Subcellular localization and biochemical characterization of two gamma-aminobutyrate transaminases. Postharvest Biology and Technology 75 106-113.

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