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Description Tyrosine aminotransferase.
Alternative names Tyrosine transaminase;
Catalyzed reaction L-tyrosine + 2-oxoglutarate = 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate + L-glutamate.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments -!- L-phenylalanine can act instead of L-tyrosine.
-!- The mitochondrial enzyme may be identical with EC
-!- The three isoenzymic forms are interconverted by EC
May overlap with
Diseases Tyrosinemia II (Richner-Hanhart syndrome)
Prosite PROSITE; PDOC00098;
Organisms -Eubacteria -Plants -Fungi -Metazoa -Human

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 Riewe D, Koohi M, Lisec J, Pfeiffer M, Lippmann R, Schmeichel J, Willmitzer L, Altmann T. (2012) A tyrosine aminotransferase involved in tocopherol synthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant J 71 850-9.

 Sivaraman S, Kirsch JF. (2006) The narrow substrate specificity of human tyrosine aminotransferase--the enzyme deficient in tyrosinemia type II. FEBS J 273 1920-9.

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 Dietrich, J. B.; Lorber, B.; Kern, D. (1991) Expression of mammalian tyrosine aminotransferase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli. Purification to homogeneity and characterization of the enzyme overproduced in the bacteria Eur J Biochem 201 399-407.

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