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Description Phenylacetaldehyde synthase
Alternative names PAA synthase.
aromatic aldehyde synthase.
L-phenylalanine decarboxylase-oxidase.
L-phenylalanine carboxy-lyase (oxidative-deaminating)
PAAS (gene name)
Catalyzed reaction L-phenylalanine + O(2) + H(2)O <=> phenylacetaldehyde + CO(2) + NH(3) + H(2)O(2).
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments A pyridoxal 5'-phosphate protein. The enzyme, isolated from the the plants Petunia hybrida and a Rosa hybrid, catalyses the production of phenylacetaldehyde directly from L-phenylalanine. The enzyme is specific for L-phenylalanine and does not accept other aromatic amino acids as substrates.
The plant enzyme catalyses the decarboxylation of phenylalanine to phenylethylamine and the subsequent oxidation of phenyethylamine to phenylacetaldehyde.
Phenylacetaldehyde is a constituent of the floral scent and precursor of both phenylethanol (another scent costituent) and phenylacetic acid (an auxin)
Organisms -Plants


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