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Description Glutamate decarboxylase.
Alternative names L-glutamate 1-carboxy-lyase;
Glutamic decarboxylase;
Catalyzed reaction L-glutamate = 4-aminobutanoate + CO(2).
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments -!- The brain enzyme also acts on L-cysteate, 3-sulfino-L-alanine and L-aspartate.
Family a includes only metazoan glutamate decarboxylases, that are responsible for the production of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).
Mammals possess two isoforms of this enzyme, encoded by different genes: a 67-kDa form (DCE1 or GAD67) and a 65-kDa form (DCE2 or GAD65).
Alternate splicing produces smaller variants of GAD67 in the brain of mice and rat embryos. Another splice variant of GAD67 (termed GAD25 and devoid of GAD enzymatic activity) is produced in human islets, testis and adrenal cortex.

Family b includes sequences from bacteria, fungi and plants.
In several bacteria glutamate decarboxylases play an important role in the maintenance of cellular homeostasis in acid environments.
In plants, the enzyme product, GABA, is generally considered a metabolite, mostly produced in response to stress, but some evidences exist that it may also function as a signal molecule.

Diseases Autosomal recessive symmetric spastic cerebral palsy (SCP) MIM:603513
Prosite PROSITE; PDOC00329;
Organisms -Bacteria -Plants -Fungi -Metazoa -Human

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