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Description Alanine racemase.
Catalyzed reaction L-alanine = D-alanine.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments In most bacteria, alanine racemase is the only source of d-alanine for cell wall biosynthesis and hence a viable target for antibacterial drug development.

This activity also occurs in some fungi (the corresponding sequences have been incorporated in family b, which is composed of fold-type 2 enzymes) as well as in plants and metazoa.

Additional_domain AAD22403.1 300-700
Prosite PROSITE; PDOC00332;
PDB 1BD0; 1L6F; 1L6G; 1SFT; 2SFP; 1RCQ; 1VFS;
Organisms -Eubacteria -Plants -Fungi -Metazoa

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