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Description Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase.
Alternative names Glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase.
Catalyzed reaction (S)-4-amino-5-oxopentanoate = 5-aminolevulinate.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate or Pyridoxamine-phosphate.
Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase is the second enzyme in the tetrapyrrole biosynthesis pathway found in most bacteria, in archaea and in plants (the first enzyme in the pathway is a most unusual glutamyl-tRNA reductase).
The enzyme has therefore paramount importance in the biosynthesis of compounds such as heme and chlorophyll.
Prosite PROSITE; PDOC00519;
Organisms -Eubacteria -Archea -Plants

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