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B6db activities: fum8

Description Fumonisin B1 synthase (2.3.1.-)
Alternative names Polyketide Chain Releasing enzyme;
alpha-Oxoamine Synthase (ambiguous).
Catalyzed reaction polyketide-[acyl-carrier protein] + alanine = [acyl-carrier protein] + fumonisin B1 + CO(2).
Cofactor Pyridoxal phosphate.
Comments The enzyme catalyzes the last step in the biosynthesis of the polyketide-based mycotoxin Fumonisin B1.

Fum8 acts on the highly reduced acyl chain produced by a polyketide synthase complex, releasing this chain from the acyl carrier protein (ACP) of the complex. Such a relaease entails a decarboxylative condensation between L-alanine and acyl-S-ACP.

Organisms -Fungi


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