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B6db activities: mur24

Description Disaccharide alkyl acceptor aminobutyryltransferase (4.1.1.-)
Alternative names Aminobutyryl-transferase (ambiguous);
Mur24 (gene name).
Catalyzed reaction S-adenosyl-L-methionine + disaccharide alkyl acceptor = Aminobutyroylated disaccharide + methylthioadenosine.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Catalyzes a gamma-substitution.
The validated bacterial enzyme is from a Streptomyces species and is involved in the biosynthesis of the dinucleoside core of muraymycins. Muraymycins are part of a broader group of antibiotics (including for example caprazamycin B and sphaerimicin A), which possess the same kind dinucleoside of core and which inhibit translocase I.
Organisms -Eubacteria


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 Cui Z, Overbay J, Wang X, Liu X, Zhang Y, Bhardwaj M, Lemke A, Wiegmann D, Niro G, Thorson JS, Ducho C, Van Lanen SG (2020) Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-dependent Alkyl Transfer in Nucleoside Antibiotic Biosynthesis Nat Chem Biol in press.

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