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B6db activities: o.succinylhomoserine.sulfhydrylase

Description O-succinylhomoserine sulfhydrylase (2.5.1.-)
Alternative names O-succinylhomoserine(thiol)-lyase (ambiguous).
Catalyzed reaction O-succinyl-L-homoserine + H2S = L-homocysteine + succinate.
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
Comments This enzyme is involved in one of the possible pathways for the biosynthesis of methionine.

Cystathionine gamma-synthase (O-succynilhomoserine (thiol)-lyase, EC catalyzes this reaction, too, but the two validated genes encoding O-succinylhomoserine-sulfhydrylase (from Pseudomonas and Rhizobium) are clearly distinct from those encoding EC

Organisms -Eubacteria


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 Tate, R.; Riccio, A.; Caputo, E.; Iaccarino, M.; Patriarca, E. J. (1999) The Rhizobium etli metZ gene is essential for methionine biosynthesis and nodulation of Phaseolus vulgaris Mol Plant Microbe Interact 12 24-34.

 Vermeij P, Kertesz MA. (1999) Pathways of assimilative sulfur metabolism in Pseudomonas putida J Bacteriol 181 5833-7.

 Foglino, M.; Borne, F.; Bally, M.; Ball, G.; Patte, J. C. (1995) A direct sulfhydrylation pathway is used for methionine biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Microbiology 141 431-9.

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