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B6db activities: ala.decarboxylase

Description Alanine decarboxylase (4.1.1.-)
Catalyzed reaction L-alanine = ethylamine + CO(2).
Cofactor Pyridoxal-phosphate.
A very specialized decarboxylase described in Camellia sinensis (tea plant) and apparently required to provide ethylamine for the production of the non-proteinogenic amino acid L-theanine.
Theanine is found primarily in particular plant (Camellia and strictly relatetd species) and in some fungi (Xerocomus badius).
Organisms -Plants


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 Bai P, Wei K, Wang L, Zhang F, Ruan L, Li H, Wu L, Cheng H (2019) Identification of a Novel Gene Encoding the Specialized Alanine Decarboxylase in Tea (Camellia sinensis) Plants Molecules 24 E540.

 Deng WW, Ogita S, Ashihara H (2010) Distribution and biosynthesis of theanine in Theaceae plants Plant Physiol Biochem 48 70-2.

 Crocomo, OJ; Fowden L (1970) Amino acid decarboxylases of higher plants: The formation of ethylamine Phytochemistry 9 537-540.

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