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type Journal Article
authors Ramírez EC, Whitaker JR.
title Biochemical characterization of cystine lyase from broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica)
journal J Agric Food Chem
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ui 10794613
year (1999)
volume 47
number 6
pages 2218-25
abstract Cystine lyase is the enzyme responsible for off-aroma deterioration in fresh unblanched broccoli. In this research, cystine lyase purification from broccoli has been optimized. Only one protein peak with cystine lyase activity was found during purification. Broccoli cystine lyase was purified 100-fold to homogeneity. L-Cystine, L-cysteine-S-sulfate, L-djenkolic acid, and some S-alkyl-L-cysteines and their sulfoxides are substrates, but the enzyme had negligible activity with L-cystathionine. A K(m) value of 81.2 microM was found for L-cystine. Inhibition and K(i) determinations indicated that L-cysteine is a linear noncompetitive inhibitor with a K(i) of 5 mM and DL-homocysteine is a competitive inhibitor with a K(i) of 1.5 mM. The molecular weight of cystine lyase was determined to be 100 kDa by three methods, with two subunits of 48 kDa each and a carbohydrate content of 3%. Further characterization included cofactor quantification, the effects of temperature and pH on activity and stability, and amino acid composition.
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