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type Journal Article
authors Thompson, A.; Griffin, H.; Gasson, M. J.
title Characterization of an alanine racemase gene from Lactobacillus reuteri
journal Curr Microbiol
ui 11910493
year (2002)
volume 44
number 4
pages 246-50
keywords Alanine Racemase/biosynthesis/*genetics/metabolism
abstract An alanine racemase gene from Lb. reuteri was cloned by using degenerate oligonucleotides corresponding to conserved regions derived from several bacterial alanine racemases. The protein is 375alphaalpha in length and shows 63.6% homology to the Lb. plantarum alanine racemase. Unlike the single alanine racemase activity found in Lb. plantarum, deletion of the Lb. reuteri alanine racemase reveals a second activity, which is inhibited by beta-chloro- D-alanine.
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