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type Journal Article
authors Rhee JE, Rhee JH, Ryu PY, Choi SH.
title Identification of the cadBA operon from Vibrio vulnificus and its influence on survival to acid stress
journal FEMS Microbiol Lett
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ui 11959444
year (2002)
volume 208
number 2
pages 245-51
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract By a transposon-tagging method, cadBA genes encoding a lysine/cadaverin antiporter and a lysine decarboxylase were identified and cloned from Vibrio vulnificus. The deduced amino acid sequences of cadBA were 64-97% similar to those reported from other Enterobacteriaceae. Functions of cadBA genes on acid tolerance were assessed by comparing acid tolerances of V. vulnificus and its isogenic mutants, whose cadBA genes were separately inactivated by allelic exchanges. The results demonstrated that gene products of cadBA contribute to acid tolerance of V. vulnificus, and that their contribution is dependent on prior exposure of cells to moderately acidic pH.
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