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type Journal Article
authors Fernández M, Linares DM, Alvarez MA.
title Sequencing of the tyrosine decarboxylase cluster of Lactococcus lactis IPLA 655 and the development of a PCR method for detecting tyrosine decarboxylating lactic acid bacteria
journal J Food Prot
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ui 15553636
year (2004)
volume 67
number 11
pages 2521-9
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract The enzymatic decarboxylation of tyrosine produces tyramine, the most abundant biogenic amine in dairy products-especially in cheeses. The screening of lactic acid bacteria isolated from different artisanal cheeses and a number of microbial collections identified 22 tyramine-producing strains belonging to different genera. The Lactococcus lactis strain IPLA 655 was selected, and the genes encoding a putative tyrosyl tRNA synthetase, a tyrosine decarboxylase (tdcA), and a tyrosine-tyramine antiporter, found together as a cluster, were sequenced. The disruption of tdcA yielded a strain unable to produce tyramine. Comparison of the L. lactis IPLA 655 tdcA gene with database tdcA sequences led to the design of two primers for use in a PCR method that identified potential tyramine-producing strains. The proposed method can use purified DNA, isolated colonies, milk, curd, and even cheese as a template. Molecular tools for the rapid detection of tyramine-producing bacteria at any time during the fermentation process could help prevent tyramine accumulation in fermented foods. The proposed technique could be of great use to the food industry.
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