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type Journal Article
authors Auger, S.; Gomez, M.P.; Danchin, A.; Martin-Verstraete, I.
title The PatB protein of Bacillus subtilis is a C-S-lyase
journal Biochimie
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ui 15760717
year (2005)
volume 87
number 2
pages 231-238
keywords Bacillus subtilis/*enzymology/genetics
abstract he PatB protein of Bacillus subtilis had both cystathionine P-lyase and cysteine desulfhydrase activities in vitro. The apparent K-m value of the PatB protein for cystathionine was threefold higher than that of the MetC protein, the previously characterized cystathionine P-lyase of B. subtilis. In the presence of cystathionine as sole Sulfur source, the patB gene present on a multicopy plasmid restored the growth of a metC mutant. In addition. the patB metC double mutant was unable to grow in the presence of sulfate or cystine while the patB or metC single Mutants grew similarly to the wild-type strains in the presence of the same sulfur sources. In a metC mutant, the PatB protein can replace the MetC enzyme in the methionine biosynthetic pathway.
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