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type Journal Article
authors Oh, S-H.; Choi W-G.; Lee I-T.;Yun S-J.
title Cloning and characterization of a rice cDNA encoding glutamate decarboxylase
journal J Biochem Mol Biol.
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ui 16202241
year (2005)
volume 38
number 5
pages 595-601
abstract n this study, we have isolated a rice (Oryza sativa L.) glutamate decarboxylase (RicGAD) clone from a root cDNA library, using a partial Arabidopsis thaliana GAD gene as a probe. The rice root cDNA library was constructed with mRNA, which had been derived from the roots of rice seedlings subjected to phosphorus deprivation. Nucleotide sequence analysis indicated that the RicGAD clone was 1,712 bp long, and harbors a complete open reading frame of 505 amino acids. The 505 amino acid sequence deduced from this RicGAD clone exhibited 67.7 % and 61.9 % identity with OsGAD1 (AB056060) and OsGAD2 (AB056061) in the database, respectively. The 505 amino acid sequence also exhibited 62.9, 64.1, and 64.2 % identity to Arabidopsis GAD (U9937), Nicotiana tabacum GAD (AF020425), and Petunia hybrida GAD (L16797), respectively. The RicGAD was found to possess a highly conserved tryptophan residue, but lacks the lysine cluster at the C-proximal position, as well as other stretches of positively charged residues. The GAD sequence was expressed heterologously using the high copy number plasmid, pVUCH. Our activation analysis revealed that the maximal activation of the RicGAD occurred in the presence of both Ca(2+) and calmodulin. The GAD-encoded 56 approximately 58 kDa protein was identified via Western blot analysis, using an anti-GAD monoclonal antibody. The results of our RT-PCR analyses revealed that RicGAD is expressed predominantly in rice roots obtained from rice seedlings grown under phosphorus deprivation conditions, and in non-germinated brown rice, which is known to have a limited phosphorus bioavailability. These results indicate that RicGAD is a Ca(2+)/ calmodulin-dependent enzyme, and that RicGAD is expressed primarily under phosphate deprivation conditions.
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