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type Journal Article
authors Morii H, Kasama K, Herrera-Espinoza R.
title Cloning and sequencing of the histidine decarboxylase gene from Photobacterium phosphoreum and its functional expression in Escherichia coli
journal J Food Prot
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ui 16924898
year (2006)
volume 69
number 8
pages 1768-76
keywords Bacteria
abstract The major causative agent of scombroid poisoning is histamine formed by bacterial decarboxylation of histidine. We reported previously that histamine was exclusively formed by the psychrotrophic halophilic bacteria Photobacterium phosphoreum in scombroid fish during storage at or below 10 degrees C. Moreover, histamine-forming ability was affected by two histidine decarboxylases (HDCs): constitutive and inducible enzymes. In this study, the gene encoding P. phosphoreum HDC was cloned into Escherichia coli and sequenced. A sequence analysis of the DNA corresponding to the hdc gene revealed an open reading frame of 1,140 bp coding for a pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-dependent HDC of 380 amino acid residues with a predicted molecular mass of 42.6 kDa. The HDC amino acid sequences formed a phylogenetic clade with strong bootstrap support and revealed high sequence similarities among the P. phosphoreum isolate and species of the family Enterobacteriaceae and a separate phylogenetic branch with the lowest sequence similarity between the isolate and the taxonomically closer Listonella anguillarum. The T7 promoter was used to overexpress the hdc gene in E. coli cells. The recombinant clone, E. coli BL21(DE3), displayed significant levels of HDC activity. The recombinant hdc gene was suggested to code the inducible HDC; therefore, the optimum reaction conditions of the recombinant HDC were similar to those of the inducible HDC in the P. phosphoreum isolate. In addition, a putative catabolite-repressor protein binding site, amino acid permease gene, and histidine-tRNA synthetase gene were found in flanking regions of the hdc gene.
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