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type Journal Article
authors Wyborski, R. J.; Bond, R. W.; Gottlieb, D. I.
title Characterization of a cDNA coding for rat glutamic acid decarboxylase
journal Brain Res Mol Brain Res
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ui 2170798
year (1990)
volume 8
number 3
pages 193-8
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract cDNA clones have been isolated for rat glutamic acid decarboxylase (glutamate decarboxylase; EC (GAD) and 3216 bp of the sequence have been determined. This sequence extends the previously reported feline GAD cDNA sequence both in the 5' (67 bp) and 3' (887 bp) directions and contains the polyadenylation signal and tail. The cDNA codes for a 67 kDa mol. wt. protein beginning from the putative initiator methionine found in the feline sequence. Extensive homology to feline GAD was identified at the amino acid level (97% identity) within the coding region. This interspecies homology is high compared to other neurotransmitter synthesizing enzymes and suggests selective pressure to maintain the primary sequence throughout the full length of the protein. Homology is found 5' to the putative initiator methionine. Extensive stretches of homology are also found in the 3' non-coding region. These conserved non-coding regions may play a role in GAD mRNA regulation. The rat cDNA sequence will facilitate investigations into the structure and regulation of the GAD gene.
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