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type Journal Article
authors Weyand, M.; Schlichting, I.; Marabotti, A.; Mozzarelli, A.
title Crystal structures of a new class of allosteric effectors complexed to tryptophan synthase
journal J Biol Chem
ui 21895775
year (2002)
volume 277
number 12
pages 10647-52.
keywords Allosteric Site
abstract Tryptophan synthase is a bifunctional alpha(2)beta(2) complex catalyzing the last two steps of l-tryptophan biosynthesis. The natural substrates of the alpha-subunit indole- 3-glycerolphosphate and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate, and the substrate analogs indole-3- propanolphosphate and dl-alpha-glycerol-3-phosphate are allosteric effectors of the beta-subunit activity. It has been shown recently, that the indole-3-acetyl amino acids indole-3-acetylglycine and indole- 3-acetyl-l-aspartic acid are both alpha-subunit inhibitors and beta- subunit allosteric effectors, whereas indole-3-acetyl-l-valine is only an alpha-subunit inhibitor (Marabotti, A., Cozzini, P., and Mozzarelli, A. (2000) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1476, 287-299). The crystal structures of tryptophan synthase complexed with indole-3-acetylglycine and indole- 3-acetyl-l-aspartic acid show that both ligands bind to the active site such that the carboxylate moiety is positioned similarly as the phosphate group of the natural substrates. As a consequence, the residues of the alpha-active site that interact with the ligands are the same as observed in the indole 3-glycerolphosphate-enzyme complex. Ligand binding leads to closure of loop alphaL6 of the alpha-subunit, a key structural element of intersubunit communication. This is in keeping with the allosteric role played by these compounds. The structure of the enzyme complex with indole-3-acetyl-l-valine is quite different. Due to the hydrophobic lateral chain, this molecule adopts a new orientation in the alpha-active site. In this case, closure of loop alphaL6 is no longer observed, in agreement with its functioning only as an inhibitor of the alpha-subunit reaction.
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