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type Journal Article
authors Hiratsuka T, Suzuki H, Kariya R, Seo T, Minami A, Oikawa H.
title Biosynthesis of the structurally unique polycyclopropanated polyketide-nucleoside hybrid jawsamycin (FR-900848).
journal Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.
Activity lipo
Family lipo
sel selected
ui 24756819
year (2014)
volume 53
number 21
pages 5423-6
abstract The biosynthetic gene cluster of antifungal agent jawsamycin (FR-900848) has been identified by heterologous expression. A series of gene inactivations and in vitro and in vivo analysis of key enzymes in the biosynthetic pathway established their functions. A novel mechanism involving a radical S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) cyclopropanase collaborating with an iterative polyketide synthase is proposed for the construction of the unique polycyclopropanated backbone. Our reconstitution system sets the stage for studying the catalytic mechanism of this intriguing contiguous cyclopropanation.
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