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type Journal Article
authors Huang C, Huang F, Moison E, Guo J, Jian X, Duan X, Deng Z, Leadlay PF, Sun Y.
title Delineating the biosynthesis of gentamicin x2, the common precursor of the gentamicin C antibiotic complex.
journal Chem Biol.
Activity gens2
Family gens2
sel selected
ui 25641167
year (2015)
volume 22
number 2
pages 251-261
abstract Gentamicin C complex is a mixture of aminoglycoside antibiotics used worldwide to treat severe Gram-negative bacterial infections. Despite its clinical importance, the enzymology of its biosynthetic pathway has remained obscure. We report here insights into the four enzyme-catalyzed steps that lead from the first-formed pseudotrisaccharide gentamicin A2 to gentamicin X2, the last common intermediate for all components of the C complex. We have used both targeted mutations of individual genes and reconstitution of portions of the pathway in vitro to show that the secondary alcohol function at C-3″ of A2 is first converted to an amine, catalyzed by the tandem operation of oxidoreductase GenD2 and transaminase GenS2. The amine is then specifically methylated by the S-adenosyl-l-methionine (SAM)-dependent N-methyltransferase GenN to form gentamicin A. Finally, C-methylation at C-4″ to form gentamicin X2 is catalyzed by the radical SAM-dependent and cobalamin-dependent enzyme GenD1.
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