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type Journal Article
authors Lucher, L. A.; Chen, Y. M.; Walker, J. B.
title Reactions catalyzed by purified L-glutamine: keto-scyllo-inositol aminotransferase, an enzyme required for biosynthesis of aminocyclitol antibiotics
journal Antimicrob Agents Chemother
ui 2729940
year (1989)
volume 33
number 4
pages 452-9.
keywords Amidohydrolases/metabolism
abstract Dialyzed extracts of the gentamicin producer Micromonospora purpurea catalyze reactions which represent transaminations proposed for 2-deoxystreptamine biosynthesis. To determine whether these transaminations were catalyzed by a single aminotransferase or by multiple enzymes, we purified and characterized an L-glutamine:keto-scyllo-inositol aminotransferase from M. purpurea. This enzyme was purified 130- to 150-fold from late-log-phase mycelia of both wild-type M. purpurea and a 2-deoxystreptamine-less idiotroph. The cofactor pyridoxal phosphate was found to be tightly bound to the enzyme, and spectral analysis demonstrated its participation in the transamination reactions of this enzyme. The major physiological amino donor for the enzyme appears to be L-glutamine; the keto acid product derived from glutamine was characterized as 2-ketoglutaramate, indicating that the alpha amino group of glutamine participates in the transamination. We found that crude extracts contained omega-amidase activity, which may render transaminations with glutamine irreversible in vivo. The substrate specificity of the aminotransferase was shown to be restricted to deoxycyclitols, monoaminocyclitols, and diaminocyclitols, glutamine, and 2-ketoglutaramate, which contrasts with the broader substrate specificity of mammalian glutamine aminotransferase. The appearance of the enzyme in late-log phase, coupled with its narrow substrate specificity, indicates that it participates predominantly in 2-deoxystreptamine biosynthesis rather than in general metabolism. The enzyme catalyzes reactions which represent both transamination steps of 2-deoxystreptamine biosynthesis. Although copurification of two aminotransferases cannot be ruled out, our data are consistent with the participation of a single aminotransferase in the formation of both amino groups of 2-deoxystreptamine during biosynthesis by M. purpurea. We propose that this aminotransferase participates in a key initial step in the biosynthesis of most aminocyclitol antibiotics.
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