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type Journal Article
authors Hedges JB, Kuatsjah E, Du YL, Eltis LD, Ryan KS.
title Snapshots of the catalytic cycle of an O2, pyridoxal phosphate-dependent hydroxylase.
journal ACS Chem Biol
Activity mppp
Family mppp
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ui 29466666
year (2018)
volume 13
number 4
pages 965-974
abstract Enzymes that catalyze hydroxylation of unactivated carbons normally contain heme- and non-heme iron cofactors. By contrast, how a pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzyme could catalyze such a hydroxylation was unknown. Here, we investigate RohP, a PLP-dependent enzyme that converts L-arginine to (S)-4-hydroxy-2-ketoarginine. We determine that the RohP reaction consumes oxygen, with stoichiometric release of H2O2. To understand this unusual chemistry, we obtain ~1.5 resolution structures that capture intermediates along the catalytic cycle. Our data suggest that RohP carries out a four-electron oxidation and a stereospecific alkene hydration to give the (S)-configured product. Together with our earlier studies on an O2, PLP-dependent L-arginine oxidase, our work suggests that there is a shared pathway leading to both oxidized and hydroxylated products from L-arginine.
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