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type Journal Article
authors Ren X, Wang X, Shi H, Zhang X, Chen Z, Malhi KK, Ding C, Yu S
title Riemerella anatipestifer AS87_RS09170 gene is responsible for biotin synthesis, bacterial morphology and virulence
journal Sci Rep
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ui 30279476
year (2018)
volume 8
number 1
pages 14645
keywords doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-32905-1
abstract Riemerella anatipestifer is a bacterial pathogen responsible for major economic losses within the duck industry. Recent studies have revealed that biotin biosynthesis is critical for the bacterium's survival and virulence. We previously found that R. anatipestifer AS87_RS09170, a putative bioF gene, is important for bacterial virulence. In the present study, we characterized the AS87_RS09170 gene in R. anatipestifer strain Yb2. Sequence analysis indicated that the AS87_RS09170 gene is highly conserved among R. anatipestifer strains; the deduced protein harbored the conserved pyridoxal 5'-phosphate binding pocket of 8-amino-7-oxononanoate synthase. Western blot analysis demonstrated that the biotin-dependent enzyme was present in smaller quantities in the mutant strain Yb2ΔbioF compared to that of the wide-type strain Yb2, suggesting that the biotin biosynthesis was defective. The mutant strain Yb2ΔbioF displayed a decreased growth rate at the exponential phase in tryptic soy broth culture and in BeaverBeads Streptavidin treated tryptic soy broth culture, but recovered when biotin was supplemented. In addition, the mutant strain Yb2ΔbioF showed an enhanced biofilm formation, as well as increased adhesion and invasion capacities to duck embryo fibroblasts. Moreover, the mutant strain Yb2ΔbioF exhibited irregular shapes with budding vegetations and relatively thickened cell walls under scanning and transmission electron microscope observation, as well as a reduced capacity to establish systemic infection in a duck infection model. These results provide the first evidence that the R. anatipestifer AS87_RS09170 gene is responsible for biotin synthesis, bacterial morphology and virulence.
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