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type Journal Article
authors Aretz, W.; Sauber, K.
title Novel D-amino acid transaminase
journal Ann N Y Acad Sci
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ui 3228235
year (1988)
volume 542
pages 366-70
keywords Bacillus/*enzymology/growth & development
abstract A D-aminoacid transaminase which converts CPC with Δ-keto acids into Δ-ketoadipinyl-7-ACA can be isolated from Bacillus Licheniformis ATCC 9945. This transamination can be applied to other D-amino acids and can also be used for the preparation of D-amino acids from Δ-keto acids. The enzyme is also suitable for resolving racemates of D,L-amino acids and for detection of Δ-keto acids alongside L-amino acids.
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