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type Journal Article
authors McFall, E.; Runkel, L.
title DNA sequences of the D-serine deaminase control region and N-terminal portion of the structural gene
journal J Bacteriol
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ui 6343359
year (1983)
volume 54
number 3
pages 1508-12
keywords Chromosome Mapping
abstract We determined the DNA sequence of the D-serine deaminase promoter region and of the N-terminal region of the structural gene. There are possibilities in the promoter for secondary structure and for initiation recognition sequences, and there is an open reading frame. The N-terminal sequence for the structural gene confirms that part of the amino acid sequence previously determined by E. Schlitz and W. Schmitt (FEBS Lett. 134:57-62, 1981), including the active site of the enzyme, and spans the two regions unresolved by their work.
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