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type Journal Article
authors Martin, S. A.; Bulfield, G.
title A structural gene (Hdc-s) for mouse kidney histidine decarboxylase
journal Biochem Genet
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ui 6497830
year (1984)
volume 22
number 7-8
pages 645-56
keywords Animal
abstract The concentration of mouse kidney histidine decarboxylase (HDC) is modulated by estrogen, testosterone, and thyroxine in a tissue-specific manner. Variation in HDC levels between strains of mice can be used to investigate the genetic regulation of enzyme structure, tissue specific expression, and induction and repression by hormones. Variation in the structure of HDC between different inbred strains of mice affecting its Km for the cofactor pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (PLP) and its heat stability has been discovered. The alternative phenotypes are additively inherited in crosses and the heat stability difference is due to alleles of a single structural gene, Hdc-s, which segregate among the BXD and BXH recombinant inbred strains. The allele Hdc-sb determines the heat-stable phenotype (C57BL substrains), and the allele Hdc-sd the heat-labile phenotype (DBA/2 and C3H/He strains). The alleles of the structural gene cosegregate with alleles of a regulatory gene previously named Hdc (determining kidney enzyme concentration); there were no recombinants among 38 RI strains. Therefore the two loci are less than 0.685 cM apart and comprise part of the HDC gene complex, [Hdc], on chromosome 2 of the mouse.
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