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type Journal Article
authors Richardson, I.B.; Hurley, S.K.; Hynes, M.J.
title Cloning and molecular characterisation of the amdR controlled gatA gene of Aspergillus nidulans
journal Mol Gen Genet
ui 73032337
year (1989)
volume 217
number 1
pages 118-25
abstract The gamma-amino-n-butyrate transaminase gene (gatA) of Aspergillus nidulans is one of several genes under positive control by the regulatory gene amdR (also called intA). The gatA gene has been cloned from a cosmid library by complementation of a gatA mutation. The sequence of a 2.6 kb genomic fragment containing gatA has been determined. An open reading frame of 1497 bp within this sequence is interrupted by three putative introns and predicts a protein of 55 kDa. Northern analysis confirms control of gatA RNA levels by amdR and also indicates that gatA is not strongly regulated by areA-mediated nitrogen metabolite repression. A. nidulans transformants containing multiple copies of a plasmid carrying an 88 bp fragment from the 5' untranscribed region of gatA grew poorly on substrates whose utilisation is dependent on genes controlled by amdR. This indicated titration of limiting amounts of the amdR gene product by this 88 bp fragment. Comparison of this sequence with the 5' region of the coregulated gene, amdS, reveals probable sites of action for the amdR protein.
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