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type Journal Article
authors Kawasaki, K.; Yokota, A.; Oita, S.; Kobayashi, C.; Yoshikawa, S.; Kawamoto, S.; Takao, S.; Tomita, F.
title Cloning and characterization of a tryptophanase gene from Enterobacter aerogenes SM-18
journal J Gen Microbiol
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ui 7510326
year (1993)
volume 235139
number 12
pages 3275-81
abstract A tryptophanase gene from Enterobacter aerogenes SM-18 was cloned and sequenced. The structural gene for tryptophanase, tnaA, consisted of 1389 bp encoding 462 amino acid residues, and its nucleotide sequence and deduced amino acid sequence showed significant homology to those of tnaA from Escherichia coli K12. A short open reading frame consisting of 31 amino acid residues was found upstream of tnaA, and it showed some similarity to the E. coli tnaC gene known to be a cis-acting regulatory element for transcription. A partial open reading frame homologous to the 5' end of E. coli tnaB was observed at the 3'-flanking region of tnaA. These genes may thus constitute an operon as in E. coli.
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