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type Journal Article
authors Williams, D. L.; Spray, G. H.
title Effect of some anticonvulsant drugs on depletion of folate in rats on a vitamin B12-deficient diet
journal Br J Haematol
ui 76184545
year (1976)
volume 33
number 2
pages 273-8.
keywords Animal
abstract Rats fed on vitamin B12-deficient or vitamin B12-supplemented diets and treated with phenobarbitone by intraperitoneal injection for 5 d showed significant increases in the activity of glutamate formiminotransferase in liver. The only significant depletion in liver folate activity was in vitamin B12-supplemented rats that were starved for 48 h. When rats were given the same diets, with phenobarbitone and diphenylhydantoin added, for 12 weeks or more in two separate experiments, significant increases in transferase activity were found only in the livers of animals fed on the deficient diet. However, there was significant depletion of liver folate in animals taking the supplemented diet.
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