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type Journal Article
authors Krishnaswamy, K.; Bapurao, S.
title Effect of leucine at different levels of pyridoxine on hepatic quinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase (EC and leucine aminotransferase (EC in rats
journal Br J Nutr
ui 78080736
year (1978)
volume 39
number 1
pages 61-4.
keywords Animal
abstract 1. Effects of incorporating 30 g leucine/kg into diets on quinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase (QPRT; EC activity and leucine aminotransferase (EC activity were studied in groups of rats receiving 5, 30 and 60 micrograms of pyridoxine/10 g diet. 2. The results indicated that 30 g leucine/kg diet significantly reduced the QPRT activity when the diets provided 5 micrograms pyridoxine/10 g and that the effect was only marginal when the diet included 30 micrograms pyridoxine/10 g. The inhibitory effect was completely absent when the diet provided higher amounts of pyridoxine (60 microgram/10 g). 3. These results suggest that additional amounts of pyridoxine are necessary to counteract the effects of excess of leucine in the diet. 4. Leucine aminotransferase activity was increased in rats given diets containing higher amounts of pyridoxine; supplementary leucine also increased the enzyme activity.
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