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type Journal Article
authors Hodsdon, J.; Kolb, H.; Snell, E. E.; Cole, R. D.
title The pyridoxal-binding site in pyridoxamine-pyruvate transaminase
journal Biochem J
ui 78123679
year (1978)
volume 169
number 2
pages 429-32.
keywords Amino Acids/analysis
abstract The enzyme-substrate complex formed between pyridoxamine-pyruvate transaminase (EC and pyridoxal was reduced with NaBH4. After carboxymethylation and tryptic digestion, pyridoxyl-lysine-containing peptides were isolated by a combination of Sephadex and Dowex 50 chromatography. Analysis of these peptides shows the structure around the pyridoxal-binding lysine residues to be Ala-Asp-Ile-Tyr-Val-Thr-Gly- Pro-Asx-Lys(Pxy)-Cys-Leu(Pro2, Gly2, Ala2, Met)(Thr, Leu2)Gly-Val-Ser- Glu-Arg. This structure differs from those found for the corresponding peptides from pyridoxal phosphate-dependent enzymes.
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