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type Journal Article
authors Sanada, Y.; Shiotani, T.; Katunuma, N.
title Mode of binding of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate in rat liver ornithine aminotransferase
journal J Nutr Sci Vitaminol
ui 78219981
year (1978)
volume 24
number 2
pages 77-82
keywords Animal
abstract 1. Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate were effective for the association of apo-form II of ornithine aminotransferase [EC]; whereas other B6 derivatives, such as pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, pyridoxine and pyridoxine 5'-phosphate, had no effect on form II of this apoenzyme. 2. The pyridoxal 5'-phosphate contents of the native enzyme, and reconstituted forms I and II were determined by two different methods to be 1.5 moles, 2.5 moles and 3.3 moles of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate/mole of enzyme, respectively.
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