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type Journal Article
authors Whitt, D. D.; Klug, M. J.; DeMoss, R. D.
title Trypotophanase from a marine bacterium, Vibrio K-7 synthesis, purification and some chemical catalytic properties
journal Arch Microbiol
ui 80086845
year (1979)
volume 122
number 2
pages 169-75.
keywords Animal
abstract The conditions for synthesis, purification, and properties of tryptophanase by a marine organism (Vibrio K-7) were studied. Tryptophanase was induced by tryptophan and its analogs, and partially repressed by 0.5% glucose or glycerol. NaCl (0.4 M) was required for optimal growth and tryptophanase activity in whole cells. The enzyme was purified to 92% homogeneity by heat treatment, hydroxyapatite chromatography and fractionation with ammonium sulfate. This tryptophanase has been found to have kinetic properties similar to the tryptophanase from other microorganisms. It carries out both alpha, beta-elimination reactions (using tryptophan, serine, cysteine and S- methylcysteine as substrates) and beta-replacement reactions (forming tryptophan from indole and serine, cysteine or S-methyl-cysteine). The enzyme has a sedimentation coefficient of 9.2S and requires pyridoxal 5'-phosphate as a cofactor. The optimal pH for the tryptophanase reaction is pH 8.0.
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