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type Journal Article
authors Muench, D.G.; Good, A.G.
title Hypoxically inducible barley alanine aminotransferase: cDNA cloning and expression analysis
journal Plant Mol Biol
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ui 8123785
year (1994)
volume 24
number 3
pages 417-27
abstract A 1.75 kb cDNA containing the entire coding sequence of the hypoxically inducible alanine aminotransferase (AlaAT) from barley roots was isolated and sequenced. This clone has an open reading frame of 1446 bp, and a deduced amino acid sequence of 482 residues, giving an estimated protein molecular mass of 52,885 Da. RNA blot analysis of barley root tissue showed a 4-fold increase of a single AlaAT-2 mRNA band after 12-24 hours of hypoxic stress, followed by a decrease in message levels after 48 h of hypoxic conditions. AlaAT-2 protein concentration increased in a similar pattern to AlaAT activity in root tissue, to almost 6-fold the aerobic level after 96 h of hypoxic stress. AlaAT-2 activity increased more than 2-fold in roots of Panicum miliaceum exposed to hypoxia, and is the same isoform as the light inducible AlaAT in P. miliaceum leaves. The unique expression patterns of AlaAT-2 in root and leaf tissue upon exposure to different environmental stimuli is also discussed.
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