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type Journal Article
authors Plhackova, K.; Vojtisek, V.; Plachy, J.
title Enzymic synthesis of L-lysine from DL-alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactam by new microbial strains
journal Folia Microbiol
ui 83080830
year (1982)
volume 27
number 6
pages 382-9
keywords Amidohydrolases/metabolism
abstract The production of L-lysine from DL-alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactam (DL- ACL) by new strains producing L-alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactamase and aminocaprolactam racemase is described. Optimal conditions for hydrolysis of L-ACL by Cryptococcus sp. and for racemization of ACL by cells of a strain isolated in nature and identified as Pseudomonas sp. were determined. Synthesis of L-alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactamase is induced by DL-ACL or L-lysine with the same effectivity. A positive effect of phosphates (potassium salts) on reduction of the induction lag was detected, the synthesis of this enzyme was found to be repressed by glucose and some possibilities of the reversion of this repressive effect were demonstrated. Under conditions optimal for the production of both enzymes a quantitative theoretical conversion of 10% aqueous DL-ACL to L-lysine by a mixture of native cells in a mass ratio of 1 : 2 (producer of ACL-hydrolase to producer of ACL-racemase) occurred in 8 h at 40 degrees C and pH 8.0.
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