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type Journal Article
authors Simon, M.; Hong, J. S.
title Direct homocysteine biosynthesis from O-succinylhomoserine in Escherichia coli: an alternate pathway that bypasses cystathionine
journal J Bacteriol
ui 83082661
year (1983)
volume 153
number 1
pages 558-61.
keywords Cystathionine/metabolism
abstract Mutations were found which enable Escherichia coli K-12 to form homocysteine in the absence of cystathionase. The formation of homocysteine in the mutant strains required cystathionine gamma- synthetase, the metB gene product, but bypassed the normal intermediate cystathionine. It is concluded that cystathionine gamma-synthetase catalyzes the formation of homocysteine directly from O- succinylhomoserine and an as-yet-unidentified sulfur donor. The mutation apparently causes the formation of this sulfur donor and has been named metQ. The expression of the metQ gene is under catabolite repression.
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