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type Journal Article
authors Berezov, T. T.; Zanin, V. A.; Soda, K.; Esaki, N.; Shushe, K.
title [Improved procedure for isolation and purification of methionine gamma- lyase from Pseudomonas putida]
journal Vopr Med Khim
ui 84019393
year (1983)
volume 29
number 4
pages 131-5.
keywords Antineoplastic Agents
abstract An improved, simplified and relatively rapid procedure is developed for isolation and purification of a new antitumor enzyme--methionine gamma- lyase from Pseudomonas putida. The method includes five steps instead of seven steps in previous procedure with a good yield of the enzyme. The purified enzyme was shown to be homogeneous by the criteria of disc gel electrophoresis. The highly homogeneous preparations of the enzyme exhibited the absorption maxima at 280 and 420 nm. The detailed studies on antileukemic activity of the methionine gamma-lyase are currently in progress.
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