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B6db references: 85157974

type Journal Article
authors Korpela, T. K.; Saarinen, R.
title Affinity chromatography of B6-vitamin-dependent enzymes: purification of pig-heart branched-chain amino acid transaminase
journal J Chromatogr
ui 85157974
year (1985)
volume 318
number 2
pages 333-41.
keywords Animal
abstract Pig-heart branched-chain amino acid transaminase (EC was purified to near homogeneity with a yield of 27%. A prepurification was performed by heat treatment, gel chromatography and DEAE-Sepharose methods. For the final step, several affinity gels were tested and the one containing cycloserine coupled to CNBr-activated Sepharose 4B was selected. This effected an additional five-fold purification with a yield of 60%. The present affinity results are compared with corresponding studies with other aminotransferases in an attempt to find possible universal techniques for their purification.
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