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type Journal Article
authors Norris, D. K.; Murphy, R. A.; Chung, S. H.
title Alteration of amino acid metabolism in epileptogenic mice by elevation of brain pyridoxal phosphate
journal J Neurochem
ui 85184726
year (1985)
volume 44
number 5
pages 1403-10.
keywords Acoustic Stimulation
abstract A single intraperitoneal injection of pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (PLP) in a species of mouse, DBA/2J, that is normally susceptible to sound-induced convulsion exacerbated its epileptic condition. The effect of injection was most pronounced about 30 min after the administration and subsided gradually within the following 4 h. Correlated with this increased seizure susceptibility were enhanced levels of synaptosomal aspartate and glutamate, and a diminished gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) level. The concentrations of nonneuroactive amino acids remained unchanged. When stimulated with veratrine, synaptosomes prepared from PLP-injected mice showed an increased release of aspartate and glutamate and a decreased release of GABA compared to those prepared from control mice. The activity of glutamate decarboxylase in the brains of PLP-treated mice was lowered, whereas the activity of GABA-transaminase was enhanced. Finally, the epileptic condition of DBA mice could be ameliorated by maintenance on a diet composed of vitamin B6-deficient feed and cellulose.
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