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type Journal Article
authors Thong, K. W.; Coombs, G. H.
title Trichomonas species: homocysteine desulphurase and serine sulphydrase activities
journal Exp Parasitol
ui 87190836
year (1987)
volume 63
number 2
pages 143-51.
keywords Animal
abstract Homocysteine desulphurase (EC and serine sulphydrase (EC activities in various lines of Trichomonas vaginalis, both metronidazole resistant and sensitive, and other trichomonad species were assessed. T. vaginalis contained the highest homocysteine desulphurase and serine sulphydrase activities of all the species. Although the levels of the enzyme activity in T. vaginalis isolates differed, no correlation between the activities and sensitivity to metronidazole was apparent. T. vaginalis homocysteine desulphurase catalysed both the hydrolysis of homocysteine to hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and 2-oxoacid, and an exchange reaction between homocysteine and 2-mercaptoethanol. Homocysteine desulphurase was detected as a single enzyme band on isoelectric focusing, whereas several isoenzymes of serine sulphydrase were found. There were large differences in serine sulphydrase isoenzyme patterns between T. vaginalis lines and between species. Several isoenzymes were amplified in cells grown with 10(-5) M DL-propargylglycine for 24 hr. T. vaginalis homocysteine desulphurase and serine sulphydrase activities were inhibited by bithionol, hexachlorophene, and dichlorophene. These compounds also inhibited growth in vitro of T. vaginalis at concentrations similar to those that inhibited the enzymes.
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