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type Journal Article
authors Sambandam, T.; Gunasekaran, M.
title Purification and properties of phosphorylase from Phymatotrichum omnivorum
journal Arch Biochem Biophys
ui 87212045
year (1987)
volume 254
number 2
pages 579-85.
keywords Cations, Divalent
abstract The glycogen phosphorylase (EC from the mycelium of Phymatotrichum omnivorum was purified by ammonium sulfate fractionation, gel filtration on Sephacryl S-200, and DEAE-cellulose ion-exchange chromatography to more than 100-fold. The purified enzyme was homogeneous; this was confirmed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis indicated the relative molecular size of the enzyme was around 145,000. The approximate molecular weight by gel filtration was 116,000. The optimum pH of the enzyme was 7.0 and the enzyme was more specific for glycogen, with a Km value of 0.36 mg/ml. Nucleotides AMP, ADP, and ATP and compounds containing an "SH" group inhibited the enzyme activity. Diethyldithiocarbamate, EDTA, ethylene glycol bis(beta-aminoethyl ether)-N,N'-tetraacetic acid, and Cu2+ were the potent inhibitors of the glycogen phosphorylase activity, Ca2+, Cu2+, Co2+, and Fe2+ stimulated the enzyme activity. The enzyme preparation was stable at 4 degrees C during a period of 30 days.
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