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type Journal Article
authors Lato, M.; Minelli, A.; Ghebregzabher, M.; Martelli, A. M.; Rufini, S.
title Erythrocyte formimino glutamate transferase in FIGLU aciduria
journal Pediatr Med Chir
ui 87260222
year (1986)
volume 8
number 6
pages 855-8.
keywords Amino Acid Metabolism, Inborn Errors/*diagnosis
abstract A patient is described who presented at an early age with failure to thrive and vomiting, and had a gross excretion of formimino glutamic acid. She had normal concentration of serum folate and vitamin B12, and no haematological abnormalities, and is not mentally retarded. The Michaelis constant for erythrocyte formimino glutamate transferase was in the normal range, but the enzyme behaves differently from that from reference subjects with respect to inhibitors and activators.
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