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type Journal Article
authors Gugler, K.; Funk, C.; Brodelius, P.
title Elicitor-induced tyrosine decarboxylase in berberine-synthesizing suspension cultures of Thalictrum rugosum
journal Eur J Biochem
ui 88111654
year (1988)
volume 170
number 3
pages 661-6.
keywords Berberine/*biosynthesis
abstract Tyrosine decarboxylase (EC was induced in suspension cultures of Thalictrum rugosum by treatment with a yeast glucan elicitor. Maximum induction was observed at a carbohydrate concentration of 0.4 mg/g fresh weight of cells and maximum enzyme activity was reached 20 h after addition of elicitor. The enzyme was inducible in late exponential and early stationary growth phases. A good correlation between induced tyrosine decarboxylase activity and berberine biosynthesis has been established. It is suggested that tyrosine decarboxylase may be a key enzyme between primary and secondary metabolisms in the biosynthesis of norlaudanosoline-derived alkaloids.
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