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type Journal Article
authors Gorin, F. A.; Mullinax, R. L.; Ignacio, P. C.; Neve, R. L.; Kurnit, D. M.
title McArdle's & Hers' diseases: glycogen phosphorylase transcriptional expression in human tissues
journal J Neurogenet
ui 88155137
year (1987)
volume 4
number 6
pages 293-308.
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract We have cloned the cDNA encoding human liver glycogen phosphorylase (glycogenosis type VI) from a fetal brain cDNA library. Liver(L) and muscle(M) phosphorylase cDNA probes were used to determine the relative abundance of mRNA encoding the L- and M-isozymes of phosphorylase in human fetal and adult tissues. The transcript encoding the M-isozyme is 3.4 kb; the L-isozyme transcript is 3.3 kb. Transcriptional expression of the L-isozyme in human and primate tissues was found to differ from the isozyme's reported tissue specificity in non-primate mammals. Furthermore, using degenerate oligonucleotide probes to two different coding regions of M-phosphorylase, a novel 4.1-kb transcript was demonstrated to be present in human fetal and adult brain.
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