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type Journal Article
authors Crawford, I. P.; Niermann, T.; Kirschner, K.
title Prediction of secondary structure by evolutionary comparison: application to the alpha subunit of tryptophan synthase
journal Proteins
ui 88190070
year (1987)
volume 2
number 2
pages 118-29
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract The amino acid sequences of the a subunits of tryptophan synthase from ten different microorganisms were aligned by standard procedures. The alpha helices, beta strands and turns of each sequence were predicted separately by two standard prediction algorithms and averaged at homologous sequence positions. Additional evidence for conserved secondary structure was derived from profiles of average hydropathy and chain flexibility values, leading to a joint prediction. There is good agreement between (1) predicted beta strands, maximal hydropathy and minimal flexibility, and (2) predicted loops, great chain flexibility, and protein segments that accept insertions of various lengths in individual sequences. The a subunit is predicted to have eight repeated beta-loop-alpha-loop motifs with an extra N-terminal alpha helix and an intercalated segment of highly conserved residues. This pattern suggests that the territory structure of the a subunit is an eightfold alpha/beta barrel. The distribution of conserved amino acid residues and published data on limited proteolysis, chemical modification, and mutagenesis are consistent with the alpha/beta barrel structure. Both the active site of the a subunit and the combining site for the beta 2 subunit are at the end of the barrel formed by the carboxyl-termini of the beta strands.
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